Young farmer loans: some insight in the FCC

Young farmer loans: some insight in the FCC

I’d a discussion with my sister in-law the other time. She actually is along the way of attempting to purchase a farm. The interesting component is the fact that this woman is going right on through Farm Credit Canada(FCC) and it is trying to get the Young Farmer Loan.

Ordinarily, if you’re purchasing a home you must put a down payment that is nothing new. More often than not the payment that is down between 5-15%, that isn’t too harmful to a property. The problem is a bit more interesting for new farmers.

Let’s state you wish to obtain a fairly inexpensive farm that is $500,000. Apparently, they ask for a 25% down payment if you want to buy a farm through FCC. Just a little of mathematics right here. 500,000*0.25= $125,000.


My sister-in-law is in quite a situation that is good but she doesn’t in the slightest have actually that sorts of money around. After all, “who has that variety of money”?

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